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Pet treatment for all ailments

Pets are just like us, they too can suffer from a variety of illnesses. At Animal Choice, our team of experienced vets are able to treat almost all conditions. When disease overwhelms the pet’s immune system, our experienced staff carefully select appropriate treatments for them. These treatments are the keystone for quick and lasting recovery.

Scope of treatments offered at Animal Choice

The ill animal’s behaviour changes and they stop nourishing themselves adequately and thereby become relatively dehydrated and weak and adversely impacting their recovery. Many suffer pain and discomfort silently. The treatment objectives are to help with these secondary changes and whilst diagnosis is established and then specific treatment of the primary disease process is initiated.  

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Treatments we use for pet welfare and recovery  

  • Analgesia for pain relief

  • Fluid therapy for dehydration

  • Antipyretics for fever control

  • Antiemetics for vomiting pets

  • Anti-allergy medication for allergy conditions

  • Antispasmodics for bowel pain/straining

  • Antibiotics for infections

  • Probiotics for bowl dysbiosis

  • Anti-cancer therapies

  • Anti parasitic treatments for internal and external parasites of pets

  • Nutraceutical for support of gastrointestinal tract, joints, skin, stress, live and cancer

  • Pheromone therapies for reassurance when stressed and promotion of confidence

  • Surgical treatments for a variety of pet ailments including tumour excision