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Secure your pet with quality micro-chipping

At Animal Choice, we understand the importance of pet safety. We offer a professional micro-chipping service for your pets in order to keep them safe and secure. The process involves implanting a tiny surgical grade microchip under your pet’s skin. The procedure can be done without anaesthesia during a consultation. The pet may or may not experience a small and short discomfort and bleeding. For many young pets that are at no risk of getting lost or stolen, the procedure may be coincided with their neutering to avoid them experiencing any discomfort.


Some microchips have been known to harmlessly migrate under the skin, especially in dogs. We suspect this tendency is greater when implanting is done in very young puppies with lots of loose skin. If it’s possible to delay implantation to around 4 months of age when the skin is tauter, this could reduce the migration incidence of the microchip.


Trained and qualified staff

Microchip implantation is a surgical procedure where a foreign material is placed inside the body to stay there for all the pet’s life. For best results and to avoid future complications, it’s carried out only by our trained and experienced staff, adhering to strict, surgical principles.


Our staff are friendly and compassionate animal lovers and they will take care of your pet during the process. Micro-chipping isn't just for dogs; it can be done on all types of pets. Please feel free to get in touch with Animal Choice for more information on micro-chipping.

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