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Accurate diagnosis of illness is pivotal to the success of treatment

Most illnesses have overlapping, clinical signs, to make a diagnosis we use:

  • The history you provide

  • The pets presenting clinical signs

  • Physical examination findings


Our knowledge of the animal’s body and disease processes to formulate the various diagnoses possible.

We may need to employ:

  • Blood tests

  • X-ray radiography

  • Ultrasound radiography

To crystallise the diagnosis and then revise the treatment plan appropriately.


We have invested in state of the art laboratory equipment and we use efficient and rapid external laboratory facilities too. We have good imaging equipment here.  

Specialist referrals

When the diagnosis is challenging and/or treatment is complicated or very specialised, we do not hesitate in seeking help from our specialist colleagues. We will contact the Royal Veterinary Collage or other private specialist referral centres in and around London or refer your pet to a specialist of your choice.

For professional pet diagnostics using modern equipment, call us on 020 8672 2344

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