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Our pet’s oral hygiene is very important to the pet’s longevity and health. Poor hygiene results in gingivitis. Inflamed gums are a gateway for bacteria into the body, increasing the assault on the pet’s body. Occasionally, the immune system fails to cope and disease ensues often with serious consequences for our pet. Prevention is simple and benefits are enormous that is why

We are passionate about preventative pet dental healthcare.


At Animal Choice, our highly qualified staff will provide your pet a complete dental check-up and related treatments. We use only sterile dental equipment for all types of pet dentistry. Visit our clinic located in Tooting.

Prevention is better than cure

Have your pet examined by us at least twice a year and we can together provide your pet the best healthcare possible.


A healthy pet is a happy pet. Our joy comes from the happiness of our pet.

For overall dental health care of your pet,

call us on 020 8672 2344

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